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About PEGM

“PEGM exists to revolutionize the world through the power of prayer and the spoken Word!”
- Founder, Pastor Arlene Mitchell


Founder Arlene Mitchell launched PEGM with the mission to PRAY, EMPOWER & EQUIP others through prayer via weekly conference calls and Facebook Live broadcasts. PEGM seeks to EMPOWER others through facilitating empowerment workshops online and throughout the United States and its territories. PEGM desires to EQUIP individuals by teaching the Word of God that connects them to their life's purpose.



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For me, The Night Of Prayer  was a powerful refreshing  experience where we were able to  freely flow in the anointing of the Holy Spirit which allowed healing (on various levels), understanding, confirmation and restoration to be released.

--Tina Pickett


Authentic...that's my word for the Night of Prayer, Praise and Healing. No pomp, no circumstance ...real, true, genuine praise. I've often told you that you and the ministry placed within you is so relevant and  I now add authentic.. I'm grateful for you,  your teaching and your lived EXAMPLE.
I'm so glad I was in the house because #TheHealerWasThere.


John 4:23-24 TPT
From now on, worshiping the Father will not be a matter of the right place but with a right heart. For God is a Spirit, and He longs to have sincere worshipers who adore Him in the realm of the Spirit and in truth.”

--Verna Best


It was a powerful night of encouragement. The presence of the Lord was there to minister through song and prophetic words which was refreshing and gave me a recharge.

-Shontel Thomas



I’ve been in church all my life and I have never experienced anything like this before.  Thank you so much!



I’ve been empowered to start a men’s prayer line at my church. WE NEED THIS!  Very much enriched my prayer life.

--Pastor William Williams


Thank you for teaching me how to be a better MAN and a better husband to my wife.

This ministry has empowered me to take full ownership of the call on my life.  I RECEIVE MY CALLING, AND I WILL WALK IN IT! THANK YOU, I AM SO GRATEFUL! Thank you for helping me realize – MY VOICE HAS VALUE  

--Darrell Robinson


Tremendous, Awesome, Amazing!  The seeds of prayer have been planted and I’m looking forward to the manifestation. 

--Mark Dixon


Thank you for the inspiration that was given these last 30 days, continue on, you are doing a wonderful job!

--Mack McKinley


Glad that you opened the door for men to come on the line and share, it was a blessing!

--Jessie Hood


I am thanking God for allowing me to see your live this morning. I must say I was truly blessed, especially with everything I have been going through. God is so amazing, and I am so grateful that everything you spoke on that live spoke directly to me. Thanksgiving will continually from my mouth, and I needed to hear this word on today! God bless you! I am thanking God for the blessing He is giving your ministry for teaching and sowing into his people. God bless!! 

-Erica Nicole

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